2021/1/21 Job Fair ONLINE for foreign students! Click for apply
2021/1/7 【Facebook】Kyoto you are my Home
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2020/12/27 Free invitation to Performative Concert The Fire Bird at ROHM Theatre Kyoto on Jan.17(Sun) is available!
2020/12/10 Free invitation to ROHM Theatre Kyoto on Jan.10(Sun) is available!
2020/11/13 Free KYOGEN on Dec.4th(Fri) is available!
2020/11/1 The Short Movie Contest for International Students 2020:Grand Prize: 100,000 yen! Entry Registration: By Jan.15, 2021
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2020/10/06 Free KYOGEN on Oct.22nd(Thu) is available!
2020/9/29 Employment support online seminar for international students 6pm Oct.8th(Thu)
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2020/06/20 We uploaded the Guidance for Completing Kyoto City's Application Form for Special Cash Payments due to COVID-19 on kokoka's youtube.(English・Chinese)
2020/06/16 The 2nd Kyoto Literature Award call for entries! Check the website(Japanese only) 
2020/4/28 Support for International Residents in Kyoto related to COVID-19 (Kyoto City government HP)  
2020/4/10 Information about the novel corona virus.  
2020/4/10 For New registration… If you enter a wrong email address you will not receive an email for registration. Please be careful not to make a mistake→

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