2022/04/19 "Enjoy! Kimono" course starts May!
◆Sorry, female only/Beginners are welcome! n Application accceptable until May.19(up to capacity)

2022/04/19 "Let's try Ikebana!" course starts May! Application accceptable until May.19(up to capacity)
◆Beginners are welcome!

2022/4/22 【closed】Invitation to subscription concert #666 of City of Kyoto Symphony Orchestra on Apr 22nd (金)
2022/04/02 【closed】Chado class (the Way of Tea) at kokoka
◆Beginners are welcome!

2022/3/20 We are afraid "kokoka Ryugakusei Net" will end up its service until the end of this March. Thank you very much for using this site for long time.
2022/3/15 【closed】Invitation to Opera "Die Fledermaus" at ROHM theater Kyoto on Mar. 18(Fri)
2022/3/11 【closed】Invitation to Pichet Klunchun Dance Company, No. 60 on March 26 (Sat) and 27(Sun)
2022/2/11 【closed】 Invitation to "Kyogen" performance on Mar.4,Fri. (Apply Feb.12-16)
2022/2/10 Why don't you introduce your favorite Manga, and make new friends? on Mar.19, Sat.【postponed from Feb.12】
2022/1/26 【Facebook】Kyoto you are my Home
Please visit our facebook!
2022/1/14 【Closed】 Invitation to The Baroque Music Concert for Youth(by Kyoto Bach Solisten)on Jan. 30 (Sun)
2021/06/20 We uploaded the Guidance for Completing Kyoto City's Application Form for Special Cash Payments due to COVID-19 on kokoka's youtube.(English・Chinese)
2021/6/20 Support for International Residents in Kyoto related to COVID-19 (Kyoto City government HP)  
2021/4/10 Information about the novel corona virus.  
2021/4/10 For New registration… If you enter a wrong email address you will not receive an email for registration. Please be careful not to make a mistake→